Dressing up your little one is always exciting and tedious at the same time, as you have the flexibility to play around with colours, prints, designs and cute styles, but making them like their outfit is a task. That said, we cannot deny that it is one of the most satisfying feelings to get your kiddo all dressed up, looking smart and feeling comfortable.

Summers says all things bright, fun and tropical but it also means exorbitant heat, and as parents, we need to make sure to keep our kids in cool and breathable outfits. And so, we have got your back and narrowed down some of the choicest options for your child this summer.

Selections for this season:

Colour- natural tones such as light blue, cream, rose, beige, coffee and sand pair well together. For more vibrant options, candy colours like bright blues and yellows as well as pink and orange (although a rather controversial match) are great picks.

Materials- cotton and linen are the top picks for hot climates, however other absorbent and breathable fabrics such as rayon and denim can also be worn.

Cuts- loose fitting, flared, baggy and straight cuts are trending this season.


 Shark Cotton Shorts

blue & red lobster seersucker shorts


Bermudas are an incredibly practical style that seemingly never goes out of fashion. Their straight cut gives them a sense of uniformity and elegance which makes them appropriate to wear to just so many places. Unless the venue calls for formal dressing or is very cold, chances are, you can break out a pair of bermudas for your little one to rock.

The pair on the left features sharks and the one on the right features lobsters. Both are equipped with pockets, elastic bands and hoops for belts to keep everything in place. They are a must-have staple. Get your baby a pair today!

Stripes and Contrasting Colours

white, yellow and blue striped t- shirt

bow back striped star rhinestone dress

Stripes are among the fundamental tools of design. They can convey anything from the illusions of height and width to movement, and create contrast. They can achieve some great looks, and when combined with contrasting colours, stripes can really make a person stand out in a crowd.

So have your baby stand out and and be a step above with Avsoy’s latest kids wear collection. The striped tee on the left is appropriate for a plethora of occasions, big and small. It even has a tiny pocket for your little one to store their trinkets in. The bow back stripes and star dress is a great pick for any young lady wanting to take her wardrobe to the next level, again with two conveniently placed pockets.

Light and Flowy Dresses

seersucker dress with smocking detail

flamingo print jersey dress

The need of this era in the fashion world is practicality. Light-weight, flowy dresses of mid length are ideal picks for playtime and fun outings. Most products on Avsoy are made of 100% cotton, which means they are absorbent, breathable and easy to launder, hence becoming more appealing in terms of practicality.

Do you get confused between your little one’s comfort and style? These precious little dresses have your answer! The pinstripes, the smocked detailing and the ruffle sleeves on the pink dress, as well as the vibrant flamingoes on the navy dress have all the drama that your little one is sure to embrace in this heat. These will give her an easy-breezy look making her feel and look overtly playful!

Asymmetry and Ruffles

flutter shorts

slub jersey dress with floral embroidery

2020 is a time to mix things up, to go beyond convention, while still incorporating vintage influences. A perfect blend of classic and contemporary, sugar and spice, are asymmetrical designs and ruffles. It provides modern apparel with a sense of femininity.

This embroidered pink dress is the epitome of comfortable kids’ fashion. It exudes a swan-like elegance and at the same time is absorbent, breathable and easy to wash.

With extremely stylish design and a super comfy silhouette, these wrap-around flutter shorts will surely add some oomph to your little girl’s every day style. Pair them up with bright and printed tees for a fancy look or tone it down with a casual tee for her play-dates!

Crop Tops

print crop top (pink)

print crop top (white)

Crop tops are amongst the coolest styles which have become a go-to in everyones’ wardrobes, be it you or your kid; who doesn’t love them?

These cute crop tops are probably the best selection this summer to be worn with almost any bottom in your kid’s closet. Go for a pair of denim shorts for best results.So whenever shopping next for your sweetheart, don’t miss out on these must-haves for her!