We often find ourselves reminiscing the days of early spring when the only accessory we wanted to invest in were sunglasses. However, the pandemic sure has turned everything upside down. Necessity is known to be the mother of invention and in this case it was the mother of innovation, face masks have seen trendy upgrades and major style evolutions over the months,! As people across the globe slowly begin to get back on track, we know, face masks have certainly become an inescapable part of our lives so we might as well embrace them with style. We bring to you an array of bright, colourful and uber comfy face masks that are a blend of great style and comfort, made of 100% organic cotton,these masks are a fresh spin on the basic designs. So take on this pandemic in style with these chic unisex face masks that are up for grabs in a variety of colours and prints. With so many options on the plate, you’re sure going to be spoiled for choices. We thought we'd make it conducive for you with our face mask style guide, a mask for every occasion because it’s not just a safety gear anymore but also a crucial part of our accessory stash. Gear up, we’ve got you covered!

  1. Your everyday pick


Breathable cotton masks are the need of the hour and finding the right one that keeps you comfortable is all you need. The set of casual face masks are an absolutely perfect choice whether you’re running errands, out for a grocery run or a brisk walk with your pet, these are absorbent and lights, available in both refreshing prints and colours for a smart-casual summer look. Match your everyday basics to make waves while pulling off a relaxed look.

  1. Formal, forward and fabulous


Finding an accessory that complements our workwear is a rather daunting task. Since your formal wardrobe has limited colour options, you need something that effortlessly blends with your style. Now that we know face masks are inevitable, you must stock up on a few timeless options. Striped and solid cotton masks in neutral tones are most appropriate for your work. Tip: Keep the rest of your look simple to nail a statement work-approved look!

  1. Safety meets glam


Don’t let anything dull your sparkle, instead we suggest, wear some! Our stellar sequenced face masks are one of a kind and will add the perfect amount of pizzazz to your look. With the festive season on its way, you need to add some dazzling pieces to take your look a notch higher and this one right here seems to be a quintessential choice. Available in pretty combinations of pink, blue, ruby and silver, these gorgeous staples have a flashy yet understated vibe and will have you falling in love with face masks.