Hit The Monsoons With Our Guide To Everyday Dressing

Hit The Monsoons With Our Guide To Everyday Dressing

One minute rain, the next minute sunshine...when the season is switching colours so often, there are bound to be some staples that you have to stick around. As we approach this monsoon, we’re not going to sit back and let our same old mundane outfits take over our busy Monday to Friday routine. It’s safe to say that work from home has taken a toll on us to some extent, making us way lazier!

Well, the weather’s just as confused as our mood, and our closet definitely needs something to balance it out. But it’s never too late to upgrade your wardrobe with something refreshing that is also comfy and #Instagrammable. Planning a look mentally when heading out is the part and parcel of our daily lives and when it comes to dressing up for specific events (here we mean the long zoom calls), your OOTD must be on point. Because, ladies, the road to a perfect life starts with a perfect outfit. It sure makes us feel more confident, secure and on-trend.

So it’s time that you get out of your pj’s and add a little drama to your closet with our budget buys that will solve your everyday hassle to look good. So whether it’s a Zoom meeting or a day-in with your gals, these styles have got your back!

The slay-from-home work look



Living a 9 to 5 life from home isn’t easy and we’d be lying if we say that opening our emails is the first thing we want to do on a Monday morning. You need something as effortless as our checkered shirt that has the right amount of style and comfort. Oh, and those ruffle bound shoulders add just the right bit of drama to your look. It’s absolutely breezy so that you can work from the comfort of your sofa all day but if you need to step out for a quick meeting, you’re still managing to look the part.

Don’t quit your day dream



Little white blooms spread across a mustard silhouette are something that can absolutely soothe your soul. This pretty pleated dress is like a breath of fresh air that your wardrobe needs uber comfy with a relaxed fit and oh-so-chic in every manner. With the change of season, this one would be perfect to be styled with all your moods.

Winning the Binge




There’s nothing that can replace comfy shorts in your closet, its the ultimate ‘chill’ outfit we can’t get enough of.  After a long week of work(-from-home), you don’t want to compromise on your perfectly planned binging session. Go from your grocery-shopping-to-bed mode and everything in between in this outfit and shh, we aren't telling anyone.

                                      So say yes to this combo and some weekend love!


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